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Wooden beams creak. Water laps through steel pipes. A circuit breaker hums. You are inside the walls of a house, and the family living there haven’t the slightest clue. 


Mourning the recent loss of their young daughter, the Pierce family must endure the trials and tribulations of a home atmosphere tainted with grief… paired with the fact that something may or may not be living inside the walls of their house– and YOU might just be that something. 


But everything’s fine. Probably just a couple rats.



A father in his late forties, Allen is a soft-spoken man hiding behind a pair of glasses. While the quality of his relationship with his wife Jane seems to be waning, he always tries to keep things positive as long as he can help it, though sometimes… he really can’t. 


As the most prominently active member of the Pierce family, Jane does just about everything. She’s a workaholic mother with almost no time to slow down and take life in, but she loves her family and can’t help but make everything right. 

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Being a teenager is tough. Being a teenager with a dead sister is even worse. Archer is a sixteen-year-old kid– Allen and Jane’s first– who spends most of his time cramped up in his cavernous room watching cult movies and creating spectacularly morbid artworks. He isn’t afraid to say what he wants, and this can be difficult for his parents to handle.


Forever sunken into a chair in the Pierce living room resides Cheryl, Jane’s mother. She’s in her seventies, and due to various medical conditions, exists in a mostly catatonic state, hooked up to a ventilator, using a speech-generating device to communicate with her family. She loves watching television, Poetry Place being her program of choice. 

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