This unnerving, immersive, psychological horror experience allows the audience to voyeuristically eye traumatic events confronted by a suburban home’s inhabitants– and maybe a little too much so– through cracks in their walls.


What will you see of them? What will you hear? Are your nosey actions morally justified? Were you supposed to watch that? Did you want to? Oh no. Oh god no. 


Whatever the case, you’re trapped, and there’s nowhere else to go. Nothing else to do… but watch.


Groups of 10-12 guests will traverse the insides of the Pierce house at a time.


You will be encouraged to freely move about the space throughout the experience, choosing what rooms of the house to observe and when, allowing each guest their own unique set of visuals accompanying the story.

The 20-minute-long immersive play will completely envelop you within its world utilizing highly detailed sets, incredible live performers, eerie lighting/special effects work, and head-turning dimensional sound design.